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General Contractors - Design/Build - Construction Managers

Why Choose Us?

Savings Without Sacrifice

Combes Construction is not a huge corporation with excess overhead driving costs up. Combes Construction is just small enough to keep costs low and still deliver desired results.

In effort to keep costs even lower, Combes performs many scopes of work in-house. Our familiarity with performing trades allows us to monitor the quality and the process even when the work is subbed out.

Dedication to Results

Combes is not a faceless organization plagued with unanswered emails and voicemails. Our customers appreciate the personalized, responsive attention we provide.

Our key personnel work closely together on each and every project from procurement to closeout. We're familiar with strict timetables, complex projects, and tight budgets. We work diligently to ensure the end result the customer desires is delivered within those constraints.


We at Combes Construction, LLC pride ourselves in our ability to deliver completed projects affordably and efficiently, while developing and maintaining long-lasting relationships. Since Bryant Combes started Combes Construction in 2001, he has prioritized taking care of customers in all facets. He continues to honor this mantra by completing projects valued at hundreds of millions of dollars for dozens of customers in the last 16 years.